In the days before humans and spirits roamed the two worlds, there was only one world, and it was twice as big and twice as bothersome.

– Opening line of the Atnaterra and Setoterra creation story

There are two worlds now. You picked up on that, right? Good.

Root Hashells is perfectly content existing in just one of them. Setoterra—the human world—has a comforting solidity to it. The days are bright and the nights are dark. The trees sway under the influences of the wind, weather, and seasons, and they don’t think they’re better than everyone else. And if a mushroom is going to kill you, it bothers to do it the first time around.

But none of that is the case in Atnaterra. None of that is the case in the spirit world.

Unfortunately, Root needs money. And when a mysterious figure beckons you into an alleyway and offers you a small fortune to venture into the spirit world and return with the dullest artifact you’ve ever heard of… well, you accept, right?

Listen, she really needs the money.

This is Atnaterra.

All right, but what is Atnaterra?

Atnaterra is a satirical fantasy web story. It’s silly, it’s whimsical, and it’s meant to be taken seriously in the same way a boot is meant to be taken off in a pitch-black room full of rust-eaten nails. It’s a “Where-are-we-headed?-I-don’t-know-we’ll-find-out-when-we-get-there” type story. New chapters are posted for free down below every Wednesday. Patrons (people who support me on Patreon) get to read two chapters ahead for only $2 a month.

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And that’s it. Start reading, have fun, stay hydrated, enjoy!


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