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Battle of the Horizon Book I

Oleja’s journey begins.

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Battle of the Horizon Book II

Oleja’s journey continues.

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Battle of the Horizon Book III

Oleja’s journey comes to an end.

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A worm farmer (regrettably), possibly flammable (regrettably), and a novice spirit world treasure hunter (regrets pending).
“‘I’m no adventurer,’ said Root. ‘I’m from a farm; I’m just in the city looking for a job.’”

Atnaterra is the newest project from bestselling author Cameron Bolling—a satirical fantasy series available to read for free right here on the site. New chapters are posted every Wednesday.


A half-spirit and ex-bartender with a dire lack of glowing professional references.

“‘And your dad? You said you don’t know him?’
‘No, my mom ate him.’”


A swordsman who doesn’t get along with his sword.

“Most said he looked of an age to be married and toting half a dozen daughters off to school every morning, but in truth, he had lived only twenty-three years, none of them particularly enjoyable.”

The first “book” (Arc 1) is out in its entirety, and Arc 2 is releasing now. Follow along with this epic fantasy adventure into the strange spirit realm of Atnaterra.


A spirit with a fear of being eaten. Best prepared with caramelized shallots.

“Root could never decide if he more resembled something trying to imitate a lizard or a horribly disfigured dog.”

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