Seablood – Battle of the Horizon Book II

Oleja Raseari escaped the canyon. She escaped Honn, the soldier sent to drag her back to captivity. She even escaped death in the desert, though she did not get out unscathed. With death in close pursuit, Oleja took refuge in the city of Ahwan.

Now she just has to save the rest of her people.

Bit by bit, she recovers her strength. Plans take shape in her mind; the time to act on them draws near.

But Ahwan is not the safe haven Oleja envisioned. Infighting is commonplace. Unrest lies heavy on the people’s minds. Whispers pass through the streets—tales of old heroes and fated trials. Plenty of the city’s culture confounds her, but if Oleja understands one thing, it’s the hero’s path before her.

Proving herself to the people of Ahwan, however, is another matter altogether.